Sheet Metal Fabrication

In our Fabrication Department, we use laser cutting, turret-press punching, and press-brake forming to create high quality sheet and plate products. Our tube fabrication equipment also rolls and forms tubing and cuts it to length in this area as well.

Within the department, we have a wide range of capabilities. Amada turret presses process lighter gage sheet metal in the most efficient manner. These machines can also produce formed and extruded features like embosses or stamped markings. Our Amada and Mitsubishi lasers are perfect for low-volume parts, prototypes, or for cutting thicker materials—from 3/16” up to 5/8” plate. Finally, in our Amada Apelio, we can efficiently join the two technologies together—perfect for a thicker gage product that has a large number of punched or formed features which we can punch, yet still laser cut large cutouts and outside contours to give the most stable, flattest quality part. Automated sheet loading and unloading systems allow unmanned operation on most of these machines.

Our press brakes range from 55 tons to 236 tons and up to 13 feet in length. In addition, we can team up with our Stamping Department if further forming exceeds what is suitable in a brake. All of our brakes are CNC controlled, allowing us to produce a high precision formed part each and every time.

Our Horn Machine tube bender and push/roll machine can work tubing in two ways combined. As a double stack machine, two different tooling pieces can be mounted in the machine and used in the same part cycle. While it is a conventional tube bending machine, it also does push/rolling of tubing, allowing large curved contours to be formed in the same cycle as mandrel bends. With a capacity up to 3” square steel tubing, it can handle large-scale applications.

In addition, the department also supports the entire fabrication effort with press fastener insertion, cold sawing, and grinding to produce a full-featured fabrication product. Please see our Equipment List for a detailed breakdown of our fabrication machines.

Sheet Metal Fabrication