CNC Precision Machining

State-of-the-art equipment and skilled machinists come together in our Precision Machining Department. Quality and efficiency are our hallmarks, and a creative approach leads to an ability to run small and large lot sizes equally well. Whether your part leaves this department to go to another for further assembly or goes straight to you, our customer, our Precision Machining Department will produce it with pride.

We use both stand-alone machining centers and more high-production palletized machining centers depending on the application. We have both horizontal and vertical machining centers, as well as rotary table capability.

For turned parts, we start with simpler straight turning centers that deliver for a part with basic turning requirements. In addition, we have turning centers with multiple axis capability to produce turned parts coupled with machined features using live tooling—all in one operation. For high productivity, more complex parts, we have twin-spindle, twin-turret machines allowing one spindle to work on one facet of a part while the other spindle simultaneously adds further features to the part.

This broad range of capability enables us to cover parts of all volume mixes and levels of complexity. In addition, we partner with other precision machining companies to provide Swiss-turned parts and screw-machine parts so that we can complete the range of work our customers demand. Please see our Equipment List for a detailed breakdown of our precision machines.

CNC Precision Machining