Engineering Support

At K&S Tool and Manufacturing, our number one job is to manufacture to your design within your specifications. Sometimes, however, you need our support to develop new product. Sometimes you need our support to find new and creative ways to manufacture your product to reduce cost or improve product effectiveness.

Our engineering support team does these things and more.

We believe that we are partners with our customers in trying to constantly improve the product and assist your engineering and marketing personnel. Some of our customers don’t have sophisticated engineering teams, but they have a concept or design in mind. Our engineering personnel can help you develop this image to a real, concrete product, then provide data on the designs that you have approved for production.

For customers with a formal design and/or quality engineering function, we can work with your engineers or quality personnel to investigate problems, do root cause analysis, and improve your existing design. We will gladly come to your facility to see how the product functions in your final product, or have you come to our shop to see if we have other methods you can take advantage of.

We have capability to work with 3D modeling software, do reverse engineering, prototype parts for pre-production development and answer your questions about best practice methods for manufacturing your product.

We believe that having this capability furthers the concept that we are an extension of your factory floor.

Engineering Support